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Wearables and Fitness Apps: Data Collection Unchained


Smartwatches, tracker bands and fitness apps: the boom in wearables and applications (apps) in the fitness and health sector shows no sign of slowing down. What is more, for some time now, these smart companions do more than to just count steps. They know how long and how well users sleep, monitor their pulse and calorie consumption, and overall know whether they are active or not. All of this represents sensitive personal data which allows for far-reaching conclusions about consumers’ fitness and overall health. What happens with the data collected, though, and do users have any control over it?


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Date of Publication:
1 April 2017

Year of Publication:

Verbraucherzentrale NRW e.V. 2017

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Market Watch Digital World 2017 Wearables and Fitness Apps: Data Collection Unchained April 01, 2017 Verbraucherzentrale NRW e.V.

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